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About this site

The center for everything international for directors, producers, web designers

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Subtitle Your Video Online!

Online subtitling software with exports for YouTube, Web, and DVD

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Need a Translator?

Request a qualified, professional translator with decades in your field. Quality guaranteed. Use Contact fields.

Global Casting Center

Audition global talent around the world, all guaranteed for accent and dialect

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Transcribe Footage Online

Online software for easy transcription and timecoding in any language by anyone

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Global Directing

Online directing worldwide with on-camera audio studios - invite your client!

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Translate Your Captions

Turn caption-for-the-deaf files into subtitles: web subtitles and DVD

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Web Page Translation

Online web page translation management software for groups and invidivuals

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YouTube Captions and Srt

Create captions for YouTube or convert a file to the YouTube srt format.

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Secrets for Global Projects

Tips and secrets that affect multimedia professionals related to foreign language fonts, dialects, space requirements, more

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Set Edit Points Online

Set footage edit points per paragraph or sentences - online in any language

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Automated Translation

Online software to auto-translate massive amounts of footage into transcriptions or subtitles; "trainable" to your vocabulary

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Web Subtitle Video Players

Get a beautiful FREE player or choose an inexpensive or top-of-the-line player!

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Free project, points and tour!

Get your free points - enough for a project - and free online tour. To register, use the Contact fields on the right!

The Global Actor

Feature to enable home-studio actors to voice-translate videos in which the original video's language is foreign.

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